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Contribute to this project - the tl;dr version

Inspiration Liverpool is a project that aims to collect together stories of the music that inspires Liverpool's music and explore the history and diversity of the city's music scene. We're hoping to put these pieces up online as a digital magazine and also put together a one off special edition print magazine. We'll be speaking to people linked to music in Liverpool, be they artists, bar owners, promoters, anyone involved with music in Liverpool.
Hopefully the project will gather together some interesting stories by asking people to talk about 3 songs. The initial idea is to construct an article or interview around the 3 tracks that inspired someone to get involved with music but they can shape that how they want with the songs they pick. Pick whatever tracks they like - their 3 most inspirational tunes, the 3 tunes they first learnt on an instrument, their 3 favourite Beatles songs, 3 songs they saw live performances of in Liverpool, but all in keeping with the Inspiration Liverpool "the music behind the music of Liverpool" theme. It's up to them how they present it, via an interview, via their own piece of writing, however they wish. So if you think you fit the bill get in touch with, and if you want to read more about contributing you can do so below.

So what's the more detailed lowdown of the project?

Inspiration Liverpool is a project to collect together thoughts and stories about the music behind the music of Liverpool via a series of interviews or articles framed by 3 tracks that someone involved in the music scene choses. It will be an online magazine but hopefully with a bit of funding a one off print run further down the line.

Who are we after?

Think you might fit the bill? We're after a diverse range of people - you just need a good link to the Liverpool music scene, so artists from both solo acts and groups either prevalent in the area or from Liverpool. People involved in the day to day running of places, pubs, clubs, studios etc, and well anything else that you think might fit. We can't of course use all contributions as we don't have an infinite number of pages in print but if you'd be interested you can get in touch via email

What will you have to do?

How you contribute is up to you, we can do an interview, face to face if possible or via the phone or skype or an online chat, even an email chat is possible. You'll have to choose your tracks before hand though to make sure we both know what they sound like! Alternatively you can write your own piece about the three songs, or if you dream up some other way then feel free to float the idea. Ultimately though it should be something that works in print as well as online, although additional media content for an online version isn't a problem.

You'll also need to provide an email address as we'll link all results through to an account on so you'll need to be set up on there, a picture and a bio should be helpful as well and any pictures you'd like to put in to accompany an article.

So just 3 songs?

Yep, think "tracks of my years" if you're familiar with the concept. If Led Zeppelin have been a huge influence then pick 3 of their songs and we can talk about how that influence is there in your music or your life, if there were 3 tracks that inspired you to first get involved in music then what were they? If you have 3 tracks that you remember from gigs in Liverpool in your youth or from around the city we can talk about them or if you were brought up on a diet of Mowtown then what 3 tracks stick with you and why? They can be different artists, different genres or even just three tracks from the same album. It's a normal reasonably open ended interview / article and you can direct it a little with the tracks you choose. Bear in the mind the theme of course but if you're contributing then you are part of the Liverpool music scene in some way so we're trying to find the tracks behind what you do.

What will happen with my contribution?

As mentioned above your article will be posted on the Inspiration Liverpool website and the tracks will be linked to a account. You'll be free to continue to use this Mumubl account and post more tracks if you wish in the future.

We'll also be looking to create a one off special edition print run of an Inspiration Liverpool magazine collecting together the articles for a inspiring collection of pieces that hopefully explore the various aspects of Liverpool's music and it's origins.

What do I need to know about contributing?

Hopefully not much more than what's mentioned above, you'll obviously be agreeing to use of the content both online and in print and own the rights to any images you submit to use on the project.

What is happening at the moment with the project?

At the moment we're in early stages of the project figuring out the initial things we need to do and getting some people to say "yes" to doing a piece for the project. Once we've got some yeses on board we'll be looking at launching a crowd funding campaign for the print edition whilst we start to get the contributions together.

If you have anymore questions or you'd like to get involved then of course, get in touch!.