Inspiration Liverpool

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Forthaven graffiti

Jay Roberts

Curve / Red Hot Chill Peppers / Unkle

Kevin Coyne painting

Tony Donaghey

Gilbert O'Sullivan / Kevin Coyne / The Majority

Natalie McCool

Natalie McCool

Jeff Buckley / The Stone Roses / Jesca Hoop

Anna Grace Henney

Anna Grace Henney

Morrissey / Suzanne Vega / Black Seasons

Pete Murphy

Pete Murphy

The Doors / R.E.M. / Gomez

The music behind the music of Liverpool

Liverpool is a city famed for many things but music is in it's lifeblood, this is the city that produced The Beatles for crying out loud.

Inspiration Liverpool is a project aimed at finding out the tracks that lie behind the creative city, the songs that inspire those involved in Liverpool's music scene to keep the city rocking.

We're hoping to launch not just this online magazine but also a print version. We've started doing some bits for the project and you can read the interviews above. Once we've got a few done we'll be looking at launching a crowd funding campaign for the print edition whilst we continue to get the contributions together.

More coming soon

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