You are cordially invited to join in!

If you’ve found your way to this page then it’s highly likely you received some post or someone passed you one of our little invite cards. How exciting, it’s like Charlie and the chocolate factory but without all the old people in the same bed, and erm less chocolate – sorry!

If you’re unaware of what all this “Inspiration Liverpool” thing might be then the quick elevator pitch is that it’s a project to look at the music that inspires people who are involved in the music industry in Liverpool via the method of picking and talking about 3 songs. We’re looking to chat and field contributions from people from all walks of the business so hopefully if you’ve already gotten an invite we think you fit the bill and would love you to be involved. Initially I started this project a few years ago and it stalled due to life things like having kids and work etc. However I’m now in a position to commit more time to it again and hope to find some people keen to join in.

There’s already a contribution page that has a few FAQs on if you think you might have any questions and a few of our initial interviews and pieces are live on the site. You can find those from the homepage.

Hopefully though your interest is piqued and if so there are a few ways to let me know. You can drop an email to [email protected] or you can grab me on social media Twitter and Instagram probably being the best. I look forward to having a chat.

Dave (from